The method of configuring wireless communication for SDconnect C4 MUX with VMware

I’d like to post the method of configuring wireless communication for SD connect C4 MUX with VMware.


I do it like this:
HOST Windows 7 x64
wifi adapter I set like ad-hoc Road24,
In VmWare I start Windows XP with xentry, das, wis etc…etc….. In devices , network adapter, connected at power on, Bridged, replicate physical network connection state.
In windows XP I adjust LAN card ex.
and…..thats it. working. looks like LAN connection between C4 and Xentry but firmware update not possible, must LAN cable use.

C4:, always automatically connect via wifi when Road24 adhoc is active

Firewalls of course off….

Same system with ori C5, I make some mods for Xentry TAB so I put to VM ori installation for Xentry. Hdd out (stock 256Gb is nothing, somewhere in basement ), SSD 512Gb and I don’t need wait so long for start ODIS, ELSA, Xentry, Trasdata etc. etc. Everything is separated in different VM’s.

PS .
why Xentry TAB has so shity screen, I cannot see every buttons when I compare two projects in WinOLS.?? not in txt mode. Copy button is hidden. I think some smartphones can display better.
Always in my travel – work – area DELL D820 best of the bests in coorelation price to usable for Winols. Elitebook 8540p is nothing for him.



Now in 2018 year, SDconnect C4 no long supply the version with VMware.

Like this one, which can be directly installed on any computer, besides it comes with Wifi card to suppprt wireless diagnosis.