Solution to NEXIQ-2 USB Link + Software can’t run keygen

NEXIQ-2 USB Link + Software can’t run keygen, here attach 3 images.

solution-to-nexiq-2-usb-link-software-cant-run-keygen-01 solution-to-nexiq-2-usb-link-software-cant-run-keygen-02 solution-to-nexiq-2-usb-link-software-cant-run-keygen-03


Need to active :

Cummins insite 7.5 :

Pc id : 43873FA7


Caterpillar E.T . :

License code : 3295 668C 8D56 CE1E CD16 4E7C



Version : 07.05-01301-00000

Computer ID : E8-BE-28-1E-2D



  1. DDDL doesn’t need to active but operate in the crack method (The method is contained in the CD)


For the others, you can send to for activation.