Cummins INLINE 7 Device Features, Communication Options and Advantages

Obd2eshop will show you Cummins inline 7 device features, communication options and its advantages in this post.


The following illustration details the features:


A—Vehicle Port

B—Power LED

C—Vehicle Data LED

D—Wireless Comm LED

E—Fault LED

F—USB Port


Feature What It Does
Vehicle Port Connects the INLINE™ 7 to a vehicle/engine for power and data
Power LED Illuminates when the device receives power.
Vehicle Data LED Illuminates when the device is receiving data from the vehicle.
Fault LED Illuminates when a problem is detected.
USB Port Connects the device to your PC (wired connection).

Latching USB Mini-B Connector for connection to PC host. Not used with iOS device.

Wireless Comm LED

Blue: Bluetooth Mode

If the device is Discoverable:

• Illuminates solid blue when connected.

• Blinks every second when not connected.

If the device is Non-Discoverable:

• Illuminates blue when connected.

• Off when not connected

Wireless Comm LED

White: Wi-Fi—Mini

Access Point Mode Mini Access Point Mode:

• Illuminates solid white when a client PC connects to the device.

• Off when no client PC is connected.

Wireless Comm LED:

Orange: Wi-Fi—Infrastructure Mode

Infrastructure Mode:

• Stays off when not associated with a network Access Point.

• Blinks every second when associated with an access point, but no IP address assigned.

• Illuminates solid orange when successfully assigned an IP address.



Communication Options: Wired vs Wireless


Prior to using INLINE 7, you need to decide how you want the unit to communicate with your PC.

There are three options:

  • Wired, USB Connection
  • Wireless, Bluetooth Connection
  • Wireless, Wi-Fi Connection

For wireless connection, There are two network options:

  • Mini Access Point Mode
  • Infrastructure Mode




Cummins INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter has a faster processor, more robust algorithms, larger memory buffers and more sophisticated filtering than previous models while simultaneously accessing multiple vehicle data channels. INLINE 7 communicates with your PC and is designed for future capability with mobile products